How to play

Description: first pvp server. Enjoy the game with millions of players online.

Well, if you are an online game freak, you will definitely love game. This is one particular game, which will allow you to connect to millions of players from all the corners of the globe. The biggest advantage of game is that you and your friends can enjoy it at the same time, whether or not you are sitting millions of miles away from each other.

Most of the time, it becomes quite boring if you have to compete only against the computer. However, with the advent of, you are no more required to compete against the computer. In fact, there will always be thousands of individuals like you, who will always be there to challenge you in the game and you can show them that you are the best.

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Instruction: If you love playing games online, you must try and believe me, you will be a happy individual. This game provides you with fun, excitement, entertainment, joy and a definite adrenaline rush. So what are you waiting for? Just go online and enjoy this wonderful game.

Game Controls: Keyboard/Mouse